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What's An Estate Plan?

A well-drafted plan can avoid the costs and delays of probate and minimize or eliminate estate taxes, thereby providing the maximum amount of your estate to your loved ones.  It can even allow you to control the amount and timing of distributions years after your death, or to provide for the special needs of minor children or those who would have trouble managing assets on their own.

A well drafted estate plan should make provisions for your care and comfort during your lifetime.  It should also include a plan in case of incapacity, in order to mitigate the hardships caused by long-term illness or mental incompetence, should that occur.

We provide estate solutions to help you pass more of your assets to your loved ones rather than to the government and the legal system.  Our estate solutions will help you ease the strain on your family with as few legal hurdles as possible.

Your plan can help your loved ones avoid the time and costs associated with the probate process and can minimize or eliminate estate taxes with executed planning.  Good estate planning keeps the cost of transferring property to beneficiaries as low as possible.

Estate planning is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure that your property is distributed according to your wishes and that your health care choices are honored. With the proper coordination of documents you can control the amount and timing of distributions even years after death.

The primary concern should, first, be for your own care and comfort during your lifetime with a plan for incapacity in order to mitigate against the hardships caused by long-term illness or mental incompetence, should that occur. A Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs and Advanced Healthcare Directives with the necessary HIPPA provisions are essential in this regard.

Then lastly, your plan should enact your desires and objectives for management and distribution after death, in such a way that the maximum amount of your estate is received by your loved ones.  You can also set forth the kind of funeral arrangements you would like, and how related expenses are to be paid.

At Incompass, we work with our attorneys to integrate your Tax Plan with your Estate Plan.  Your integrated plan can maximize your estate exemptions and implement planned gifting strategies.  Your plan can also be structured in such a way to allow discount valuations on your real estate holdings and business assets.  A good plan can provide all of these tax saving benefits, and at the same time, eliminate probate costs, while providing additional protection for your assets.

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