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Incompass Tax, Estate & Business Solutions is the premier tax and financial advocate to individuals, small businesses and non-profits. We provide high-quality tax preparation, consultation, accounting, estate and business services that produce the best financial results and protections for our clients.

Our Perspective

As our name Incompass implies, we take a BIG picture approach in our advisory services that encompasses the disciplines of tax law, compliance, estate issues, asset protection and the concerns of aging.

Having a big picture perspective allows us to provide practical guidance to better help our clients when they experience transitions and life-changing events, while keeping an overall focus on the accumulation, protection and ultimate distribution of their assets

The accumulation stage focuses on growing assets for retirement or some other future purpose. The best plans create a variety of tax diversified assets, which can be used in a combined manner to increase cash-flow, while minimizing the tax hit when the assets are distributed or sold.

The protection stage focuses on risk management and the creation of multiple asset buckets to help protect the assets in one bucket from liability transferring from another. It should also include instructions (such as a durable power of attorney) for what to do should you lose legal capacity someday and are unable to handle your financial affairs.

The distribution stage includes your estate plan for how your assets should be ultimately distributed to your beneficiaries. The best plans avoid the time and costs of probate and minimize estate taxes, allowing more assets to pass to your loved ones rather than the government and legal system.

For our business clients, our tax and compliance program saves you money by converting dollars already being spent into tax favored benefits for you and your family and includes the compliance required by the IRS. Tax planning is best when correlated with your larger business plan, exit strategy and other financial, legal and estate objectives.

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Bring us up to 3 years of past taxes and we’ll find ways to save you money, when we do we’ll help you file to get your money back from the IRS.

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