Aging – Planning & Solutions

We understand the unique needs of seniors and the issues associated with aging.  Our diverse team of advisors can be a resource and offer solutions for the extended family and the Care¬giver Community regarding the ever-changing rules affecting seniors, their assets and their quality of life.  We are an advocate for our senior clients, providing information to help them cope with the aging process and to protect them from pitfalls, scams and financial abuse.

We try to understand the senior’s perspective, the health and life-changes, and losses they have experienced; biologically, psychologically, and socially.  Our goal is to bring this understanding to the senior and their adult children.  We often are the conduit to removing the barriers to communication between parent and child and ultimately to help provide the senior (with capacity) the tools needed, so that they can make the best choices for themselves.

As the senior’s health declines, we can bring in a geriatric care manager to do an assessment of the senior’s needs and determine what kind of support they may need to make their life more comfortable and to help them live independently at home for as long as possible.

Seniors always want to stay in their own home, because that is where their memories are, their treasures, and their family histories.  After experiencing the loss of friends, possibly a spouse, physical and cognitive abilities, the senior often feels that home is the only place where they still have meaning in their life.

At some point the stay-at-home-option is no longer the best choice for the aging parent.  The home becomes an unsafe place.  A geriatric care manager can work with the adult children in providing solutions and suggesting transitional options that are available, including quali¬fied referrals to various types of assisted living housing, if needed.

It is our hope to consider the whole of the aging process and to be a valuable resource for the senior, the caregiver, the advisor and the senior’s family and loved ones.  This is critical for the senior in maintaining lifestyle, independence and dignity.

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